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Costruzioni Meccaniche Pilon Roberto & C. via Sega, 34 - 35010 - Villa del Conte (PD) Italy

About us

Pilon Roberto & C. sncCostruzioni Meccaniche Pilon Roberto & C.” snc was incorporated in 1973 and went on to specialise over time in metal fabrication and precision machining work, operating for various mechanical engineering industries.

Our company can produce parts to customers’ specifications. Starting from the raw materials, we perform cutting, bending, roll forming, TIG and MIG welding (FE, AISI, aluminium, etc.), CNC milling and precision CNC turning with computerized product control, and we can also supply fully assembled units.

In addition to mechanical engineering work under contract, we design and build:
steam flaking plants for cereals and pulses
Infrared space heaters
solar panels for water heating