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Infrared space heaters

Infrared Heat Generators

Infrared Heat Generators

The ultra-straightforward use of this heater makes it particularly suitable for use in ventilated places in which the use of conventional heating systems is impractical.

The heat produced by the space heater can be directed freely because the specifically designed  infrared heating system is able to heat a very large area without having to resort to forced ventilation, thereby avoiding nuisance draughts.

Thanks to the trolley on which the space heater is mounted and the absence of fumes exhaust pipes, the unit can be  rapidly moved to wherever it is required.

The characteristics of the heater also make it suitable for outdoor areas, industrial sheds, work sites, and the site of agricultural operations, because its very high efficiency and reduced fuel and electricity consumption mean the space heater is associated with low running costs.

The space heater is  fired by heating fuel oil
and an output of 30,000 Kcal/h can be achieved with just 3 kg/h of fuel.