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Steam flaking plants for cereals and pulses

Steam flaking involves transforming grains, cereals and pulses into flakes.

The production process is performed using a steam generator.
The product is cooked in specific stainless steel compartments (that ensure product quality and hygiene) and it is then forwarded to a roller mill which is adjustable to produce flakes of the required thickness.

The steam flaking plants are CE marked

The steam flaking plants are CE marked

The steam produced is brought to a temperature of 120° in order to obtain a highly digestible and sanitized product, thereby also preventing mould formation.

Transformation of grains and pulses such as maize, barley, wheat, soya or oats, traditionally used as an animal feed, improves the nutritional standards of various livestock: milk cows, beef cattle, pigs, sheep, and poultry.


The steam flaking treatment preserves the natural vitamin contents of the cereal or legume, increasing the nutritional value by up to 15%.

Termofioccatrice per legumi e cereali Pilon Roberto


The steam flaking process is associated with a large number of benefits:

  • Sterilization of the cereals and pulses to eliminate bacteria and dust that tend to accumulate during storage;
  • Improvement of the sense of satiation of the animal due to the higher number of flakes than grains;
  • Removal of anti-nutritional factors; in fact, only by means of this process is it possible to boost animal rations by adding cereals or pulses otherwise consider unusable;
  • Increase of the digestibility and flavour of feeds thanks to the starch gelatinization process;
  • Increased milk yield;
  • Rearing healthier livestock and higher quality meat and milk;
  • Rearing more fertile and long-lived livestock;
Hourly output
PR3/8 11 cv/hp q.li/h 8
PR5/15 20 cv/hp q.li/h 15
PR5/20 25 cv/hp q.li/h 20

In addition, we can also build specific systems designed to match customer requirements.

Steam flaking plant with description of components

Photo of plant in operation

Video of the steam flaking plant in operation