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100% made in Italy with CE certificates and complete with ENEA certification

It’s springtime and the ideal opportunity to plan your solar thermal plant. Thanks to experience accumulated over the years, with the MC SOLE panels Pilon Roberto can help you create a solar thermal plant that fits your needs perfectly.

Solar panels (or solar collectors) are designed to convert solar energy into heat energy and transfer it to a storage tank (or hot water cylinder).

Our clients are among the most exacting users in terms of their demands for high product quality because our solar panels are recognized as among the best the market can offer.

MC SOLE solar panels are entirely manufactured and assembled in our production plant, starting from the raw materials right up to the finished product.

We insist on the use of top quality materials, namely copper and 304 AISI stainless steel, to ensure the panels provide an almost limitless service life.

Our panels are ENEA certified and have passed a series of stringent thermal efficiency tests with full marks.
Download the PDF file of the efficiency curve measured by the Enea Research Centre.

MC SOLE solar panels are equipped with copper absorbers having a surface area of 2 m2 or 2.5 m2 with highly selective TINOX treatment, which are designed to convert irradiated solar energy into heat energy. The low ferrous toughened safety glass and stainless steel frame ensure the panel is able to withstand inclement weather conditions and the effects of ageing.

The solar panels bear the CE mark

The solar panels bear the CE mark

The heat energy is transferred to the copper pipes in which a water/glycol mixture flows. The carrier fluid then heats the tank containing hot water for daily use.

The panels are effective not only during the hottest months but rather all year round because they are able to back up a conventional boiler for water heating, thus leading to savings in energy costs.

Also the water storage tanks or hot water cylinders are constructed by our company in AISI 316 stainless steel with antibacterial and sanitizing properties.

Hot water cylinder capacity can  vary on the basis of differing needs and requirements.

We can supply both natural circulation and forced circulation systems.

A natural circulation solar thermal system has the benefit of being more economical in terms of purchase cost and it constitutes an excellent investment that provides hot water without electricity consumption. This system operates thanks to the convective currents of the hot water which tends to rise and separate from the colder fractions. The downside of this system is that it is less aesthetically attractive and as the ambient temperature drops during the night hours the water temperature in the tank decreases more rapidly because it is in an exposed position.

The forced circulation system offers higher performance and greater aesthetic appeal.
Performance is improved because the  hot water storage tank is not exposed to inclement weather or icy conditions since it can be installed in any room in the house. This system includes panels, hot water cylinder, circulator unit, electronic controller, valves, etc.
The system can be supplied and installed ready for use because our company works in liaison with skilled heating and plumbing engineers and electricians.

Download the datasheets for the two models of panels available:

MC SOLE 1 Solar Panel technical datasheet
MC SOLE 2 Solar Panel technical datasheet

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